Laser marking and engraving

Laser marking and engraving are synonymous with an application in which a layer of material is heated by a laser beam, evaporated, thus providing an indelible marking of the surface. This application is most often used to mark serial numbers of parts, marks and labels, bar and QR codes, to produce stamps, labels, placards, name tags, labeling anodized surfaces, such as writing utensils, USB disks, lamps and many other products.

Why choose our solution

Bespoke laser customization

We can advise on the selection of a ready - made solution (machine), as well as build a bespoke machine (our own solution, which we produce under the name of the Narran Veles series.

Complete realization

We process the order from the customer's idea, through the selection / production of equipment, to training and subsequent service of the machine.

Application testing

We offer testing of your samples on our machines for easier selection of a suitable solution.

Fast service

We have common spare parts in stock and we solve the service of the machine promptly according to the customer's needs.

Case study
Production of light LGP / BLU panels

LGP (Light Guide Panel) light panels, also called BLU panels (Back Light Unit), are used as backlit advertising areas or lighting areas in luminaires. In the plexiglass panel, there are laser-engraved tiny dots or lines that guide the light, supplied by LEDs typically located on two or all four edges of the panel.

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Advantages and functions of our lasers

High accuracy marking (in micrometers)
Persistence , permanence of the description, the description is indelible
grayscale engraving option
High tagging speed
Deep engraving option for material
Minimum thermal stress on the material - deformation is prevented.
Evaporation produces a minimum of solid waste
Lots of materials to use

Suitable materials

Plasty (PMMA)
Materiály pro označení

Advantages of laser marking and engraving compared to conventional methods

Engraving stability

marking is permanent

Engraving speed

effective product labeling solutions


when the material evaporates, almost no waste is generated

Efficient production solutions

the engraving machine can be integrated into an automated workplace

What can a marking laser be used for?

Product labeling
serial numbers, tags, labels, logos, QR code, barcodes
Marking of anodized products
the surface layer evaporates from the anodized product and the marking can be set to different shades of the base material with different parameters
Engraving of promotional items
stationery, USB disks, key fobs, thermoses, mugs
Denim engraving
the laser removes the first layer from the denim, creating an interesting effect
Marking of plastic products
logos, name tags, barcodes, QR codes
Production of stamps
the laser beam evaporates to a depth a layer of rubber material, creating a company logo or name tag

Our offer of lasers

Veles CO2 workstation Fiber laser marking and engraving station Narran Veles
Plastic (PMMA)
Station suitable for marking, engraving and cutting. Suitable for smaller operations and industrial environments. Manufactured in the Czech Republic.
On request
Veles Fiber workstation Fiber laser marking and engraving station Narran Veles
Station suitable for marking and engraving metals. Long service life. Manufactured in the Czech Republic.
On request
OEM marking lasers OEM systems are specially designed for easy integration into production lines or other systems while maintaining maximum productivity and operational safety. OEM fiber and CO2 lasers are available.
Plastic (PMMA)
Systems suitable for integration into production lines. CO2 and fiber variants available for a wide range of materials.
On request
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