PaperOne 3500

PaperOne 3500 is a flexible, technologically advanced system for laser conversion and decorating of sheet materials.

It is a new, fully automatic laser system for grooving and cutting in real time. The device can cut, microperforate, decorate and fold both sides of the paper (front / back) depending on the work and the required design.

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We can individualize our machines according to your needs

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  • Laser system specially designed for conversion and decoration of sheet materials.
  • Can be integrated with state-of-the-art digital Workflow software for reading barcodes, QR codes, etc.
  • Use of mechanical terminals / square registers and optical registers using a digital camera.
  • There are 3 laser configurations that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

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  • automatic document feeder male / female
  • vertical grooving module
  • leveling table
  • laser cutting section
  • single laser module
  • waste extraction
  • stacker conveyor belt module
  • smoke extraction
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Workable material paper, PET, PP, BOPP
Sectors Graphic
Certified thicknesses 0.09 – 0.6 mm
Max. dimensions B3 – 375×1050 mm
Industry 4.0 Full digital workflow integration
Software proprietary ICARO software

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