Fixed lens holders

Used to attach multi-element focusing lenses in optical experiments.

The manufacturer is OptoSigma, which guarantees the highest quality.

We supply:

Lens holders for lens diameters from 30 to 70mm (OptoSigma LHF-M29-25-N, LHF-UDL-30-N, LHF-M34-30-N, LHF-M50.9-50-N, LHF-M29-25-UU, LHF-UDL-30-UU, LHF-UDL-40-N, LHF-M34-30-UU, LHF-UDL-40-UU, LHF-UDL-50-N, LHF-M50.9-50-UU, LHF-UDL-50-UU)


See the manufacturer’s website for detailed technical information OptoSigma

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