Development of the Veles F30 station

1. – Design
2. – 3D model of the station
3. – Finished station Veles F30
4. – Transport
5. – Station installation

Veles F30 marking unit

The VELES FM system is a modern and compact laser unit that is ideal for integration into production stations and lines as well as for stand-alone use. The system is predestined not only for industrial marking of metals and plastics, but also their engraving, welding, drilling and hardening. Since it uses the latest fiber laser technology as its laser source, it has many advantages over standard, eg. solid-state lasers.

Advantages of the Veles f30 laser

Large work area 400x400mm
Higher efficiency 30-35%
Compactness Small dimensions
Minimal maintenance required Minimum moving parts
Longer life of pumping diodes Up to 100,000 hours
High quality laser beam Better focus, smaller point, higher marking quality
Low operating costs Low power consumption approx. 180W
Beam transport by optical fiber Easy integration
Automatic internal diagnostics Automatic laser shutdown for protection

Narran Veles workstations

Veles CO2 workstation
Plastic (PMMA)
Station suitable for marking, engraving and cutting. Suitable for smaller operations and industrial environments. Manufactured in the Czech Republic.
On request
Veles Fiber workstation
Station suitable for marking and engraving metals. Long service life. Manufactured in the Czech Republic.
On request