When refurbishing an old Jawa, the owner was deciding between two options for paint removal – blasting and laser. After careful consideration, laser cleaning was used and also compared with blasting.

For engine parts and more damaged parts that could be prone to warping, laser cleaning was used. This method proved successful in preserving the original surface condition and removed the dirt perfectly. Even the smallest details were preserved during laser cleaning, which is clearly visible in the photographs.

On the other hand, blasting was used for the remaining parts. This method created a solid anchoring profile, which is ideal for the application of new paint. The surface was thoroughly degreased and there was no problem with adhesion to the surface when using high quality varnishes.

So a combination of both methods was used to achieve the best possible results when refurbishing an old Jawa. By using laser cleaning, the authentic look and detail of the surface was retained, while blasting provided the ideal preparation for the new paintwork.

Thanks to our customer providing laser cleaning services for providing the case study Lsrservices.

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