Easy is a smart and compact solution for marking and cutting without damaging the base material.

The unrivaled quality of the laser beam with the smallest laser spot diameter enables high-quality marking and high-speed cutting.

Why choose a solution from NARRAN

We can individualize our machines according to your needs

We will arrange the turnkey contract, including installation and training

We offer the possibility of testing samples at your place of operation

We will quickly supply spare parts and provide a complete service


  • Compact laser, easy installation in any work environment
  • High quality marking
  • High precision and speed of cutting thin materials
  • Large front opening for easy loading / unloading
  • Easy access to the desktop thanks to 3 open sides
  • The motorized Z axis allows the size of the laser point to be optimized depending on the size and thickness of the material.
  • A smaller area is available for more accurate marking


  • Swivel attachment

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Workable materials paper, paperboard, imitation leather, leather, natural and technical textiles, rubber, wood, plastic (excluding PVC),…
Sectors Graphics, wood engraving, art and design
Work area from 160×160 to 300X300 mm
Industry 4.0 full integration of the digital workflow
Software proprietary Icaro software

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