The laser removal of hot melt adhesive from the coating rollers, which serve as a key component of the mirror laminating machine, provides a simple and effective solution. Traditional methods such as mechanical removal or blasting are difficult and complicated in this case. They require the dismantling of bearings and also cause wear to the delicate structures of the coating rollers.

Using the ROD 1000 laser makes adhesive removal an easy and quick process. The laser beam precisely and efficiently removes the adhesive from the roller surface. The entire process takes less than one hour, so it is a fast and efficient alternative to traditional methods. Thanks to the laser, there is no need to dismantle the bearings and the delicate structures of the coating rollers are spared, which contributes to increasing their service life.

Laser adhesive removal is therefore a gentle, efficient and time-effective solution for the coating rollers in a mirror flat-bonding machine.

Thanks to our customer providing laser cleaning services for providing the case study Lsrservices.

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