Components for 30 mm cages

We offer a wide range of high-quality components for the construction of optical cages from OptoSigma

  • Board for optical adjustment of the system axis (OptoSigma C-TGH-30)
  • Cage slot in fixed optical holders (OptoSigma C-SMH-BP-SLFH-30)
  • Guide bar (OptoSigma C-RO-30)
  • Optical prism holder (OptoSigma C-PLH -PAD-30)
  • Polarizer holder (OptoSigma C-MPH-30)
  • Two-axis optics holder (OptoSigma C30-TAT-16)
  • Iris diaphragm holder (OptoSigma C30-IH-15)

See the manufacturer’s website for detailed technical information – OptoSigma

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