On request The SEI Laser NRGL is a very successful model of a CO2 laser plotter, mainly due to its excellent price / performance ratio. This is a precise laser cutting and engraving plotter.

For example, the following materials can be machined with this laser: PMMA, ABS, acetates, plexiglass, mica paper, wood, plywood, leather, paper, textiles, cardboard. It is possible to mark glass and marble (except PVC and polycarbonates).

Why choose a solution from NARRAN

We can individualize our machines according to your needs

We will arrange the turnkey contract, including installation and training

We offer the possibility of testing samples at your place of operation

We will quickly supply spare parts and provide a complete service


NRGL laser plotter is standardly equipped with quality laser sources from the world’s leading manufacturers with outputs from 150 W to 350 W. NRGL is able to cut materials up to a thickness of 90 mm. The automated Z axis has a stroke of 70 mm. The machine processes the resolution of raster formats up to 1200 dpi.

Advantages of the NRGL laser:

  • New formats suitable for the digital and textile industry (eg longer loading side ..)
  • Conveyor belt
  • Possibility of fixing the head with mechanical tools (knife, drill…)
  • Reinforced frame
  • Overpressure-protected optical path
  • Cutting head cover
  • Suction openings in the head = increased extraction efficiency
  • Removable parts for easy transport and handling
  • New motion control with higher computing power
  • Motor control via EtherCAT buses
  • Improved servomotors
  • Possibility of engraving up to 16 bits of shades of gray and 3D cutting (compatibility with .dxf 3D files)

Useful accessories to increase flexibility can be purchased with the machine: a CCD camera for focusing cutting marks, an upper suction unit, a grooving set for processing cardboard and paperboard, a 3D kit for cutting and “kissing cutting” 3D surfaces. Process heads can be ordered for NRGL for the following focal lengths: 3.75 ″; 5 ″; 7.5 ″.

We provide installation, warranty and post-warranty service, spare parts and training for this machine.

Download technical data sheet

Parameters of the NRGL 1612/2215/3215/3220 machine

Work area 1600x1200 / 2200x1500 / 3200x1500 / 3200x2000mm
Maximum acceleration (m / s2) 15
Repeatability (mm) ± 0,05
Max. X-axis vector speed (mm / s) 2000
Max. Y-axis raster speed (mm / s) 2000

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