Optical tables

Vibration isolation system using independent isolation mechanisms for horizontal and vertical axes.
This system achieves the highest performance and efficiency for the most demanding applications.

They are suitable not only for laboratories. In the industrial sector, optical tables are increasingly used for their universal use and a wide range of vibration damping.

We offer:

  • Optical tables and top boards (so-called breadboards)
  • Laboratory, anti-vibration tables
  • Workstations with very low frequency isolation
  • Damping supports, anti-vibration platforms
  • Optical table accessories (Faraday cage, shelves, holders, supports, compressors)
  • Individual solutions – customized optical tables


  • This vibration isolator quickly dampens vibrations transmitted to mounted equipment and tools and is essential for equipment and tools that are affected by vibration.
  • The bench is light and has excellent rigidity thanks to the steel honeycomb core.
  • The upper surface of the bench is made of magnetic stainless steel with threaded holes (nut M6 25 × 25 mm).
  • The manual leveling system does not require a continuous air supply. The insulators can only be pressurized with a manual air pump.


Board dimensions 900x900 – 3600x1200mm
Load capacity 130 – 1050kg
Board thickness 100 – 300mm
Height 900mm
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