Why choose a laser from Narran?

We are convinced that our (not only) cleaning lasers are the best choice for your company. In the article, we focused on several points that differentiate us from the competition.

1. We are experts and work with the best in the industry

The core of our development team are graduate physicists, nuclear engineers and opticians with many years of experience, with the development and construction of lasers and laser devices. Where we needed help, we worked with the best.

Our goal is to help you find the right combination of many optional parameters for the perfect and ideally and economically affordable solution. We have delivered hundreds of laser systems, our machines can be found from Australia and Indonesia, through Europe to Russia or Colombia and in countless other countries where they perform the demanding tasks of our customers in various climatic conditions, often in continuous operation.

2. Free testing

It is extremely important to first test the functionality and capabilities of a device such as a laser, ideally on your samples, we will be happy to arrange this for you. Upon agreement, you can test our machines both in our branches in the Czech Republic or at our foreign partners, or we can simply bring the laser to you, wherever you are located. We currently have ROD 100, ROD 200, ROD 500 and ROD 1000 mobile units available and many other combinations for perfect cleaning. You can also send us samples and we will then present the cleaning results. Initial tests are always free for customers

TBC coating cleaning

3. We do not estimate – we measure

We can do a lot of things with a laser, we can cloud the surface, (un)engrave, roughen, foam, create a special structure or ”only” gently clean it. Everything depends only on the settings and components of the laser, and that is what we are experts at. If the situation requires it, we are able to accurately measure, record and find the right solution.


4. Ergonomic laser head for easy handling

Our new manual cleaning head is the result of more than 7 years of development and thousands of hours of cleaning, and it is its third generation.
It is very light (approx. 2.5 kg) practical, ergonomic and easy to handle.

5. Service and maintenance

An equally important part of every device is also possible service. The great advantage of cleaning lasers is their practical maintenance-free, except for basic cleaning of optics – windscreen and possible replacement of cover glass (the only consumable) is usually not required service of our team, it is no exception that we do not see our customers’ machines for several years.

Pokud je však nějaký zásah vyžadován, máme možnost vzdáleného přístupu ke stroji pomocí integrovaného wifi modulu, můžeme tak diagnostikovat závadu, případně pak pomocí videohovoru a jednoduchému systému plug and play odstranit závadu prakticky po celém světě bez nutnosti posílat stroj nazpátek do továrny. Pokud však nastane neopravitelná závada, máme k dispozici náhradní stroje a naši servisní technici jsou schopni k výjezdu po celém světe 365 dní v roce.

6. Quality is crucial for us

We use only the highest quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers (Germany, Europe, USA) We cooperate in the development of special components with a long service life, we produce many parts in-house. We have an extensive testing background, all machines are long-term tested, loaded and inspected before being sent to the customer. The output is of course a test protocol with measured quantities, certificates, manuals…

Proof of the quality of our work is that we are able to provide up to 8 years warranty for our lasers.

7. We will always tell you the truth

and we build long-term business relationships and friendships. The laser has many advantages, it can be a great helper and a universal machine, but of course it also has some limitations when something doesn’t work or it doesn’t make sense, so we’ll just tell you. We don’t, we use our own photos, everything you find in the photos, videos is real and done by us or our customers. We will never tell you that you will clean the entire bridge structure with a 100 W laser, nor will we supply you with fake – counterfeit components, a redesigned cutting laser which does not even hint at meeting the requirements for modern laser cleaning technology. If you would like to compare these systems, we recommend that you at least try them out in person, it can save you at least tens of thousands of euros…

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