The fully digital feedback control electronics inside the SUPERSCAN V provide excellent dynamics and continuous monitoring. Depending on the protocol used (SL2-100 or XY2-100), mirrors can be placed with a resolution of up to 20 bits. Thanks to the enormous acceleration and maximum speed of digital galvanometers, SUPERSCAN V also performs laser work with sharp edges very quickly and accurately.


  • Laser positioning with 20 bit resolution using the SL2-100 protocol.
  • Minimal drift and extremely low noise thanks to digital encoder technology.
  • Extreme acceleration and precise laser guidance for sharp corners and edges.
  • Recording and diagnostics of all properties.
Downloadable datasheet


Inlet openings available 15 and 30mm
Voltage 30 – 48 V
Resolution 12 μrad
Repeatability (RMS) < 0.4 μrad

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