Axiom lasers have a new architecture that provides high performance. It is excellent in parameters such as output stability and noise. For versions 660 and 532, the axiom is suitable for easy integration. Suitable for PIV, Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence imaging or as a pump laser for other optical systems. Learn more at the manufacturer's site.

The opus laser family is one of the most popular lasers. The wavelengths of the opus are 532, 660 and 1064 nm. Opus is known for its robustness and patented compact design and high performance. They are used with pumping systems for ultra-fast lasers or high-resolution microscopy. More information on the manufacturer's website.

Ventus has been designed according to customer specifications, for which flexibility, reliability and beam quality are crucial. The power of the ventus family lasers is up to 1.5W and therefore these lasers are used in applications such as Raman spectroscopy, optogenetics, fluorescence imaging and more. More information on the manufacturer's website.

Gem is a compact range of lasers designed for easy integration into other devices. They have excellent beam quality, long source life and robust processing of compact dimensions. Therefore, these lasers have proven themselves in high-resolution microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and DNA sequencing, etc.

Narrow spectral line lasers
Torus offers a range of lasers with a spectral line width below 1 MHz. They are ideal for applications such as high-resolution Raman spectroscopy, holography and long-coherence interferometry. More information on the manufacturer's website.

Finesse lasers
The family of finesse lasers is a globally used system and is essentially a world leader in its class. It provides a range of powers at 532 nm. The laser is very small and efficient, thanks to which it has minimal cooling requirements. In addition to these properties, noise <0.1% RMS has an M2 beam quality <1.1. The family of finesse lasers is ideal as a pumping system for the Ti: Sapphire laser. Learn more at the manufacturer's site.

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