Company introduction

We are a Czech company that was founded in 2013 for the purpose of development and production of our own laser systems, automation, construction of single-purpose machines and sales of laser equipment, especially from foreign manufacturers.

Our team consists of experienced experts, engineers who understand their work and, thanks to many years of experience, are able to solve any customer requirement. We can design a solution, build a bespoke device, recommend a suitable machine, install a machine and of course, there is also warranty and post-warranty service. We have experience with all types of laser applications and the possibilities of using lasers, from surface cleaning, through the engraving of materials to laser welding.

Consultation We offer a complete solution for the customer from the idea to the finished product
Service Our team consists of engineers, graduates in the field, who are constantly learning.
Reliability We cooperate with universities and technical centers.
Testing Testing directly on the customer's parts.
Safety audit ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016 Certificate

We are a team at work and in our free time!

When we’re not spending time at work, we do a lot of corporate team building, workshops and other events. Because we know that to be the best team in the work environment, we have to be the best team outside of work first.

Employee satisfaction is key for us, because a happy employee is the next step to making our customers happy, which is our alpha and omega.

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