Laser cleaning

Laser cleaning is becoming more and more popular for its speed and simplicity. Do you need to clean something, see how laser cleaning works, or directly recommend and install a cleaning laser? Contact our company.

Narran is a direct Czech manufacturer of laser cleaning systems. Depending on the needs of the application, we can design and integrate the laser into production lines, build a robotic workplace or supply a portable mobile laser for a wide range of applications.

Why choose solution from Narran

We manufacture cleaning lasers

We know the machine from the very beginning, we were the first to start producing cleaning lasers in the Czech Republic and now we export them all over the world.

100% quality

We manufacture fully industrial machines from the world's best components with the addition of our unique know-how

Testing in advance

Upon agreement, our machines can be tried and tested both with us and at your place

Complete package

Testing, selection of a suitable laser, installation and training, service support

Case study
Project: Hevel Energy Group

In connection with the increased production volume, there was a need for additional equipment for cleaning of technological equipment. Two cleaning methods were considered, ultrasonic and laser. As a result, the decision was made in favour of laser cleaning due to its low operating costs, efficiency, material and environmental friendliness and mobility.

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Case study
Next generation laser process head

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of ROD laser systems against other cleaning laser devices is the perfectly thought out process head, because you, as a user, will hold this very important part of the laser cleaning machine in your hand every day.

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Case study
Why choose a laser from Narran?

We believe that our lasers are the best choice for your business. In the article, we focused on several points that differentiate us from the competition.

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Case study
Comparison of Czech and Chinese laser

The laser is not a cheap thing, the development of a laser is demanding and expensive, its production requires both a huge amount of time and money. We stand firmly behind the price of our lasers, because we know that it is not possible to drive the price lower, certainly not so that the quality or functionality of the laser does not suffer. Unfortunately, no one, not even China, has a miraculous method of manufacturing lasers, where it would be possible to produce a laser for a fraction of the price so that the quality is at least close to the products and services we provide.

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Case study
Principle of laser cleaning

Laser cleaning uses concentrated laser radiation to evaporate impurities from the layer. The impurities are affected by ultra-short laser pulses (μs-ms), which generate heat and heat-induced pressure - the high temperature inside the material creates a high pressure that causes it to evaporate.

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Advantages and functions of our lasers

Ergonomic process head with automatic focus, a world unique product
Non-contact cleaning non-abrasive method
Lowest operating costs of all industrial cleaning methods (less than 1EUR/hr)
Countless possible laser applications and new ones are emerging every day
The material is not significantly thermally stressed, deformation is prevented and the product cools down quickly
Green energy Very low energy consumption makes this method a very ecological method of cleaning

Suitable materials

Dried PUR foam
Rust and oxides
Varnishes and adhesives

Advantages of laser cleaning over conventional methods


Without damaging the substrate. During sandblasting and blasting, the surface can often be damaged


You will always achieve the same result


Very fast compared to conventional methods


Low operating costs, maximally 1 EUR / hour.

What can the cleaning laser be used for?

Cleaning of industrial molds
baking sheets, injection molds for plastics and rubbers, printing cylinders, coated tools – View more

Paint removal – paint stripping
Automotive industry, aerospace industry, plastic and composite materials, preparation before the next process, renovation – View more

Restoration and conservation
Stone facades and buildings, sculptures, graffiti, revitalization of sandstone surfaces – View more

Surface preparation
For painting, gluing, soldering and welding – View more

Cleaning and removal of thermal barrier coating
Cleaning metal surfaces subjected to high temperatures, such as gas turbines or aircraft engine parts.
Many more
Laser cleaning is a relatively new technology, applications are constantly increasing, so don't worry and we can try yours

Our lasers

ROD Laser 500W
Plastic (PMMA)
Mobile laser cleaning machine for cleaning metals, masonry and many other materials.
On request
ROD Laser 300W
Plastic (PMMA)
Mobile laser cleaning machine for cleaning metals, masonry and many other materials.
On request
ROD Laser 100W
Plastic (PMMA)
Mobile laser cleaning machine for cleaning metals, masonry and many other materials.
On request