SEI Laser H-Type is a medium-sized laser plotter for cutting and marking paper, cardboard, textiles, leather and imitation leather, rubber, wood, plastics, glass, marble and more. It is suitable for the production of decorative and advertising items, stamps, for textile production, etc. It processes material in sheets and rolls.

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SEI Laser H-Type is a medium-sized laser plotter suitable for processing a wide range of materials. It has an innovative patented “H” type transmission system for movement along individual axes. Four independently controllable motors together with advanced algorithms guarantee high accuracy and work speed: in raster mode the H-Type develops a speed of up to 4000 mm / s, in vector 3000 mm / s.

The plotter is equipped with a CO2 laser source with an output of 80 to 350 W. The work surface has a size of 1000 × 700 mm, it is possible to process the material in longer sheets and rolls. The machine allows quick replacement of focusing heads and mounting nozzles of various diameters to achieve the ideal result. The H-Type plotter can be purchased with a set with a CCD camera for cutting according to printing marks, a rotary axis for marking cylindrical objects, a set for 3D engraving of materials with a 3D surface, a set for connecting auxiliary gas or a mobile work table with a sliding system.

The control software is CAM Icaro, supplied with the machine.

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Performance 80 to 350 W
Work area 1000×700 mm
Software CAM Icaro

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