Laser micromachining

The trend of today is speed, miniaturization and accuracy. For this reason, new technologies are constantly being sought that could process a wide range of materials in very small dimensions. Of course, there is a huge precision with which the object must be machined. Thanks to the focusing of the beam into micron dimensions, the use of lasers is very convenient.

Why choose our solution

Test in advance

We offer the possibility of testing samples or a feasibility study

Bespoke laser customization

We can individualize our machines according to your needs

Complete realization

We will arrange the turnkey contract, including installation and training

Fast service

We will quickly supply spare parts and provide a complete service

Case study
Project: Hevel Energy Group

In connection with the increased production volume, there was a need for additional equipment for cleaning of technological equipment. Two cleaning methods were considered, ultrasonic and laser. As a result, the decision was made in favour of laser cleaning due to its low operating costs, efficiency, material and environmental friendliness and mobility.

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Case study
Cleaning of car parts, preparation for welding, painting, gluing and more

ROD cleaning lasers have countless applications and more are added every day, in this mini case-study we focus on the use of the ROD 200 in the Autochladiče Hladík company.

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Case study
Next generation laser process head

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of ROD laser systems against other cleaning laser devices is the perfectly thought out process head, because you, as a user, will hold this very important part of the laser cleaning machine in your hand every day.

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Advantages and functions of our lasers

Precision machining (<10 μm to several thousand holes per second)
High precision (micrometers), and machining of miniature products
Machining is contactless, dust-free and almost noiseless
Ability to process a wide range of materials , such as carbides, ceramics, glass
Low thermal impact on the machined area - deformations are prevented and the product cools down quickly
Significantly lower maintenance than machining.
Easy integration into the production line

Suitable materials

Plasty (PMMA)
Materiály pro označení

Advantages of laser micromachining over conventional methods

Contactless method

Laser is a non-abrasive method


Fully adjustable machining speed


Possibility to set machining details


Repeatable accuracy and possible process control

What can a machining laser be used for?

kevlar, tungsten carbide, diamond, carbon, polymers, etc.…
mobile phones, electronics
3D machining
engine parts, turbine blades
cutting diamond, silicon wafers, sapphire, ceramics and more
Special applications
photovoltaics, glass machining, composite materials, kevlar, etc.

Our lasers offer

Veles CO2 workstation
Plastic (PMMA)
Station suitable for marking, engraving and cutting. Suitable for smaller operations and industrial environments. Manufactured in the Czech Republic.
On request
Veles Fiber workstation
Station suitable for marking and engraving metals. Long service life. Manufactured in the Czech Republic.
On request
Plastic (PMMA)
Station suitable for marking, engraving and cutting. Suitable for smaller operations and industrial environments.
On request
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