Spatial filters holders

Spatial filters eliminate distorted laser waves and noise emitted by pure spherical waves for rays. It is used in optical systems, such as interferometers and holograms, where quality is critical.

The manufacturer is OptoSigma, which guarantees the highest quality.

We supply:

Wide range of spatial filters holders:

(Optosigma SFB-16DMRO-OBL20-25-N, SFB-16RO-OBL20-25-UU, SFB-16DMRO-OBL20-25-UU, SFB-16RO-OBL20-25, SFB-16DMRO-OBL20-25, SFB-16RO-OBL40-25-N, SFB-16DMRO-OBL40-25-N, SFB-16RO-OBL40-25-UU, SFB-16DMRO-OBL40-25-UU, SFB-16RO-OBL40-25, SFB-16DMRO-OBL40-25, SFB-16RO-OBL10-25-N, SFB-16DMRO-OBL10-25-N, SFB-16RO-OBL10-25-UU, SFB-16DMRO-OBL10-25-UU, SFB-16RO-OBL10-25, SFB-16DMRO-OBL10-25, SFB-16RO-OBL20-25-N)

See the manufacturer’s website for detailed technical information – OptoSigma

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