Iris diaphragms

Iris diaphragms holders that can resize the iris without changing the center of the iris. It can be used to change the depth of field in imaging systems and to pass the required laser beam when blocking optical feedback or stray light in laser experiments.

The manufacturer is OptoSigma, which guarantees the highest quality.

We supply:

Iris diaphragms with a maximum possible diaphragm from 8 to 50 mm(OptoSigma IDC-000, IDC-025, IDC-003, IDC-009, IH-30N, IDC-001, IDC-017)

Iris diaphragm holders for iris diaphragms of all sizes (Optosigma IH-15R-N, IH-50R-N, IH-08R-N, IH-22R-N, IH-36R-N, IH-30, IH-15R, IH-50R, IH-50R-EE, IH-50R-UU,IH-12B, IH-08R, IH-22R, IH-22R-EE, IH-22R-UU, IHN-08R-N, IH-12R, IH-36R, IH-12R-N, IH-36R-EE, IH-36R-UU)

See the manufacturer’s website for detailed technical information – OptoSigma

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