Hand-held FIT power meters (up to 500W)

FIT laser power sensors work on the principle of a patented technique for measuring temperature dynamics with a broadband thermocouple. As a result, measurement and data collection are fully automated.

A total of 3 models cover power measurements from 500 mW to 500 W.

The innovative measurement concept reduces the measurement and display time of laser power in less than 4 s with perfect repeatability (± 1%), accuracy (± 3%) and high resolution (± 60 mW up to 50W) combined with a wide range of measurable powers.


The probes of the FIT series have a multifunctional LCD display, which simultaneously shows the measured laser power, the selected laser wavelength (wavelengths of CO2 and NdYAG lasers are standard, but at the customer’s request, the probes can be calibrated to other wavelengths). The display also warns that the battery is low. The temperature bar shows the current sensor temperature (if the operating temperature of the sensor is exceeded, it is necessary to end the measurement and wait until the temperature drops)

All sensors are equipped with a broadband surface layer with low reflection and a high threshold of destruction.

Recalibration can be performed by user-electronic resetting of the original sensitivity value. Quality AA batteries can withstand at least 4000 measurements

FIT probes are accurate, easy to use and significantly cheaper than any other laser power meters with comparable parameters.

Parameters of the FIT 50/200/500 series

Measurable power range 0.5 – 500W
Maximum diameter of the measured laser beam (mm) 20 – 25mm
Spectral range 0.19 - 11 µm
Sensor dimensions 56×20/56×25/66×30
Fast technical support LaserPoint application engineers have many years of experience with optics, electronics, lasers and thermal properties of materials
Reliable and accurate solution LaserPoint OEM sensors are based on reliable thermocouple technology
Custom sensor production If you do not find a solution in your catalog that would suit you, send us an inquiry
Thermal sensors have a faster response than thermoelectric ones. They have a higher wavelength range than silicon detectors. Thermal sensors do not degrade over time, and if not used properly, they can work for many years with the same parameters. The absorbers used guarantee the same absorption of laser radiation at all times.

Why choose a solution from NARRAN

We can individualize our machines according to your needs

We will arrange the turnkey contract, including installation and training

We offer the possibility of testing samples at your place of operation

We will quickly supply spare parts and provide a complete service

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