We perform preventive maintenance within the framework of long-term service contracts as well as one-time maintenance.
We will advise you, where and how to save on maintenance. By taking proper care of optical components, you can significantly extend their life.
We will find out if we can refurbish the components in your laser and thus save you additional operating costs.
For laser operation, we supply original and alternative spare parts of top quality at za favorable prices.

Why should you choose us?

We are with you quickly

We have short travel times: we depart to you from both Prague and Brno.

Convenient service

Favorable service contracts for optimizing service costs.

We will advise and train you

With regular maintenance - even though we know you won't need us as often then.

We make no difference

Whether you are a "small" or "big" customer - we work with industrial companies as well as small graphic studios.

We have extensive experience with lasers of many types and brands

  • SEI (Mercury 603, Mercury 609, Mercury Fiber, Flexi 600, Flexi 800, Label Master, Eureka, NRGL, Dragon, Giotto, R2R label, iScan)
  • Coherent (GEM30, GEM55, GEM100, řada Diamond (e400), Chameleon, Ultrapulse, Innova 300C, Innova 90C, Innova 90K…)
  • Spectra Physics (argonové lasery, Spectra Physics 2550, Spectra Physics 265 …)
  • Melles griot (Liconix – HeCd laser, DPSS, Argonové a Ion lasery)
  • Quantronix (PIV systémy, Darwin DUO, 527 DP-N)
  • Rofin (x20, x30, SMB – popisovací laser… )
  • IPG (YLS 1500, YLS 2000, YLS 3000, YLP)
  • GSI – JK laser (JK300HPS, JK150)
  • Synrad (řada Firestar, T, TI)
  • HVDH (Hans Von Der Heyde)
  • New Wave Research (Gemini)
  • Lambda SPA (Artlight)
  • Quantel (Brilliant)
  • Electrox (Scriba)
  • GSI – Lumonics
  • Medicom (ILS)
  • JDSU
  • Trumpf
  • Dantec
  • Colop
  • DSE
  • Lang laser
  • Radiant
  • Jenoptik
  • Cadcam
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