ROD 500 laser cleaning system for SumiRiko AVS

SumiRiko AVS is one of the largest companies engaged in the production of rubber anti-vibration components for the automotive industry on the world market.

Prior to the acquisition, SumiRiko AVS had long been actively interested in the application of laser cleaning primarily in terms of the efficiency and reliability of the method, especially due to the relatively high upfront investment required to purchase a laser cleaning system. The integration of laser cleaning technology was compared with soft abrasive sandblasting, dry ice blasting and ultrasonic cleaning, and ultimately emerged as the most effective choice.

The company’s ROD 500 system is used to clean rubber injection moulds for the automotive industry. Although a manual version of the machine is already in operation, in the long term it is planned to modify the cleaning head specifically for the application of cleaning directly inside the injection moulding machines to reduce machine downtime/streamline production.

Many thanks to engineer Lukáš Ridoško for his trust and first-class cooperation.

Company requirements:

● High durability

● Water cooling of the laser process head.

● Sufficient power for cleaning with one pass of the laser beam.

● Special safety requirements.

● Laser cleaning solutions inside injection moulding machines.

They say about us:
”We have been considering the use of laser technology since 2015, the investment in the innovative solution has finally paid off in 2021 and we can confirm the expected return on investment in the coming years.”

Ing. Lukáš Ridoško - Production Engineering Manager, SumiRiko AVS Czech s.r.o.
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