ROD 500W for MDPS / CleaningLaser

Our laser has found use in cleaning extreme dirt from the ship and marine parts that require special cleaning that is mobile and capable of cleaning layers of various pollutions.

We supplied a 500W cleaning laser to Cleaning LaserMARINE DIESEL Parts Supply b.v., a dedicated service and supplier specialized in spares suitable for MAN-Diesel and Hyundai HIMSEN generators and main engines.

Laser advantages:

● Mobility

● Minimal need for maintenance – minimum consumables

● Suitable for highly contaminated surfaces

● Low operating costs

They say about us:
„Our reasons to choose Narran is the direct support, the wide range of power, the durability and reliability of the machine.
The one issue we had with the machine was solved to great satisfaction and this gives trust in future developments.“

Arie in ’t Veld - Owner/CEO of MDPS and CleaningLaser.
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