Special cleaning laser applications

The laser can remove surfaces that are impossible for other methods with the appropriate settings. This includes glass coating removal, cleaning and TBC (thermal barrier coating) removal. The Narran ROD cleaning laser can also be used for complicated applications such as cleaning radioactive surfaces, removing USIBOR (boron steel),…

Cleaning and removal of TBC coating

Laser ablation has previously been demonstrated as a technique for removing contaminants from engine thermal barrier coatings. It can clean metal surfaces subjected to high temperatures, such as gas turbines or aircraft engine parts.

Glass/metal coating removal

Selective material removal allows us to remove virtually any element from the glass substrate. It also allows us to remove polymer coatings from metal surfaces.

Cleaning of composites, plastics, antifouling

Cleaning of vacuum chambers

The laser can also be used to gently remove plating deposits, especially from stainless steel chamber walls and components. Typically, this gives our customers much greater surface cleanliness, an order of magnitude higher vacuum level and reduced scrapping of parts.

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