Cleaning laser for TOYODA GOSEI

TOYODA GOSEI has been using our cleaning laser since 2018, finding use mainly in removing rubber residues and dirt from industrial molds.

Before purchasing the laser, the company used our cleaning services several times and finally, after positive experience, decided to purchase its own laser device ROD 200W.

Laser benefits:

● Time savings

● Molds are being cleaned faster

● Higher cleaning quality

● Precision

We bought a laser cleaning machine from Narran after a positive experience <b>after regular using of their technology for cleaning our industrial molds</b>, which proved to be highly effective. Another factor for the acquisition of the laser was the fact that it is a <b> Czech company and a Czech product </b>, which significantly facilitates both customer support and service.

Michal Kotek - Engineer, TOYODA GOSEI Czech s.r.o.
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