Delivery of the ROD 500 cleaning system for GumiImpex

The Croatian company GumiImpex, based in Varaždin, is one of the largest rubber factories in Europe.

The company finds the highest value of the laser in the cleaning of rubber moulds and presses. The important factor in their cleaning is primarily speed and gentleness, and in testing, the key factors have proven to be on the side of laser cleaning compared to sandblasting/manual cleaning.

We designed, supplied and integrated a 500W Narran ROD 500 laser cleaning system for the company.


Advantages of laser:

● Highly mobile and multi-purpose device

● Long service intervals, minimal maintenance required

● Suitable for cleaning applications requiring gentleness

● Low operating costs

They say about us:
„We decided to make a technological change in favour of laser cleaning because of the necessary technological growth. We believe that the technology will be one of the steps in the overall modernization that will allow us to remain at the top of the industry.“

Nevenko Varšić - Production manager
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