ROD 300 for SETO Lasercleaning

SETO Lasercleaning is a German company that has incorporated laser cleaning services into its portfolio of cleaning services offered primarily in the automotive industry. Another application is the removal of deposits from engine parts. Laser degreasing is widely used in industry, but also mould cleaning, weld treatment and rust removal.

The company uses 2 cleaning lasers developed by us – the more powerful Narran ROD 300 and the compact Narran ROD 100 cleaning system.

Company requirements:

● Simple and clean cleaning solution.

● Non-contact and gentle process that does not compromise the integrity of the material being cleaned.

● Environmentally friendly.

● Mobile system without the need for preparation before cleaning.

They say about us:
Although laser cleaning means technologically very complex equipment, non-contact cleaning allows for a surface friendliness that could not be possibly achieved by any other technology.

Sebastian Jager - Owner, SETO lasercleaning
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