ROD 100 laser cleaning system for the Resto Laser restoration company

Resto Laser is a Polish company specializing in the restoration and conservation of monuments and works of art, antiques, objects of sacred art, architectural details, historic vehicles, removal of rust, melts, casts and degreasing.

For very fine and precise cleaning requirements, the company purchased a Narran ROD 100 compact cleaning laser with a wide range of parameter settings and beam shapes, equipped with a TBH BF9 filtration system to ensure the safety of the entire process.

Company requirements:

● High precision and process economy.

● Possibility of setting the beam sizing options to specific shapes.

● Possibility to clean a variety of both metallic, non-metallic and stone surfaces.

They say about us:
Laser cleaning is ideal for removing rust, fluxes, weathering tars, degreasing and especially for the restoration and maintenance of monuments, works of art, antiques, sacred objects, architectural details or historic vehicles requiring precise and delicate application.

Piotr Sokół - Owner, Resto Laser
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