Restoration and preservation

Restoration, removal of graffiti, weathering and lingering dirt, none of this is a problem for the ROD cleaning system. The laser is particularly suitable for very sensitive restoration of monuments or old objects.

Restoration of metals

The laser is very suitable for the restoration and conservation of a wide range of metals and antiques made from them. The laser can remove oxidation and patina from bronze surfaces. The laser also finds a wide range of applications in the restoration of large surfaces directly on bronze and copper surfaces, where it can preserve the original patina.

Wood restoration, varnish removal, paint removal

The cleaning laser can also be used for gentle removal of transparent varnishes, water-based paints, cleaning of blackened wood, whether due to atmospheric effects or affected by fire/soot.

Masonry restoration and graffiti removal

Laser solutions have also been exceptionally successful in the restoration of masonry, namely sandstone, granite, marble and many others. The biggest advantage of laser cleaning of historic buildings and walls is the preservation of the underlying material, which remains intact, unlike dirt.

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