ROD 200 for LSR services: laser cleaning as a service

Czech company LSR services offers laser cleaning services in various fields: from industrial applications, architecture to individual cleaning of historical objects and vintage cars.

We designed and delivered a 200W Narran ROD 200 laser cleaning system for the company.

Another of the lasers delivered by us, which will serve as a service to customers for whom the purchase of a cleaning system would not make economic sense, but want to use laser cleaning. The company’s service portfolio thus includes services in the fields of industry, automobiles, motorcycles, vintage cars, restoration of historical objects, architecture, construction, metal structural elements, ship restoration, fire recovery and more.

A complete list of applications and services, including contacts to view on:


Laser cleaning advantages:

● Wide range of service applications

Fast ROI due to low cost laser operation

● Best cleaning method in many applications requiring gentleness

● Low need for maintenance, service interventions

They say about us:
“I decided to provide laser cleaning technology as a service because it is offered by only a few companies in the Czech Republic despite the relatively high demand, and I believe that the popularity of laser cleaning will increase over time.”

RNDr. JAKUB ŠIRC Ph.D. - CEO, LSR services
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