We know that machines tend to break down at a time when it doesn’t fit at all. We also know that a production interruption can has an unpleasant effect on finances, not to mention the trust of your customers.

Quick reaction We are able to respond to your call for help above standard, you will definitely not hear "next week it might work" with us. We can usually leave within a few hours.
Available 24/7 We are also available outside normal working hours - we arrive late in the evening, on weekends and on public holidays. Service outside normal working hours is charged at a higher rate, but we will inform you of the price in advance and adapt to your requirements.
Do you need an urgent service? Let us know!
Ing. Martin Boháč
Spare parts, products - cleaning lasers, consulting
+420 604 807 488
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We offer refurbishment of gas lasers, laser process heads, optics (mirrors, lenses) and optical fibers.

We will arrange a repair for you quickly and with high quality, and we will provide you with an unrivaled warranty (6-12 months). We will advise you on whether it is worthwhile to do the repair, and we also offer the option of renting a replacement laser for the duration of the repair. We provide a complete service associated with the replacement and installation of the tube.

Do you want to avoid the necessary refurbish? Have the equipment professionally cleaned by us. Cleaning is less costly and time consuming than refurbishment. Cleaning will help prevent damage due to defective or worn parts.

We have ISO 9001/2000, CE, FDA and RoHS certificates.

Spectra Physics
Melle Griot
Trumpf (e.g. BEO90 D70 0, BEO90 D70 90)
Precitec (e.g. HPSSL, Solid cutter, ARC)
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