Aligment burn papers
An integral part of basic laser diagnostics. After the laser is fired, an image of the energy distribution of the laser beam is projected on the paper.
Thermal probes for beam profile display Thermal plate kit
Probes for real-time laser beam profile display
Spectrometers Narran spectrometer
Spectrometers with universal use for every laboratory or industrial environment.
Hand-held FIT power meters (up to 500W)
Fully automatic hand-held probes for measuring laser power (small to medium powers).
OEM laser power meters
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) power / energy meters can be integrated into any industrial or medical system.
Thermal sensors
Thermal sensors developed by Laser Point
Calorimeter capable of measuring very high outputs up to 12 kW developed by Laser Point
PC-plug power meter Laser power measuring device
Developed specifically for all applications that do not require a display, but can analyze and display values ​​on a computer.
Power meter PLUS2 Laser power measuring
Plus 2 is a handheld, lightweight touch screen meter designed to measure the optical power / energy of lasers and other light sources.

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