Spare parts

Lamps (vacuum tubes) Lamps (discharge lamps)
Lamps, flash lamps or laser lamps are consumables for solid-state lasers (eg type Nd: YAG).
TRUMPF laser bellows U-axis laser bellows
Bellows designed and manufactured in Europe, made of heat-resistant, non-flammable materials and are able to withstand high operating temperatures while providing years of operation.
Laser nozzles Cutting laser nozzle
Cutting nozzles are used in cutting lasers. Only copper nozzles or chrome-plated copper nozzles that have a longer service life are used.
Ceramic insulating nozzle holders Ceramic insulating nozzle holders
Ceramic insulating rings ("ceramics", ceramic nozzle holder, Teflon nozzle holder) are an important part of machines with CO2 laser heads. The ceramic material withstands high temperatures and sudden temperature changes and insulates the nozzle from the rest of the head.
ZnSe optics ZnSe (zinc selenide) optics
ZnSe (zinc selenide) optical elements are used in CO2 lasers as they are suitable for wavelengths around 10.6 μm. We supply ZnSe optics only from the world's best manufacturers.
Cover glass Laser cover glass
The purpose of the protective glass is to protect and prolong the life of very expensive optical elements, from the penetration of foreign material or from the reflection of the laser beam.
Trumpf spare parts elektronka rs3021cj
We offer a wide range of parts for Trumpf lasers
Fiber optics Fiber optics
Laser lenses for cutting and welding heads Precitec and others, material Fused Silica UV grade. The low absorption of the lens material ensures efficient use of the laser.
Laser honeycombs Honeycomb for lasers
Suitable eg for CO2 lasers. They are made of aluminum and, at the customer's request, are delivered either without surface treatment or treated with anodizing or powder paint.
Cleaning products & kit Laser optics cleaning kit
The cleaning kit is an important part of laser equipment maintenance. Our cleaning kit contains all important and tested means for cleaning sensitive optical components (lenses, mirrors, cover glasses, lenses…).
Water and air filters Laser water and air filters
We supply original water and air filters from Handte, Keller, Herding, MicroAir, RoboVent, as well as filter panels and water and air cartridges.
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