Measuring laser power is the easiest way to understand your laser, although that’s not the end of it. The only way to get a complete picture of a laser is to measure the laser profile in addition to its power.

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Diagnostics You can use measurements to determine if the problem is with the laser itself or the optical path (or tuning the optical path of the laser).
Stability Laser power measurements also tell you if laser power is stable or not.
Life measurement For older CO2 lasers, regular power measurements will help estimate the remaining lifetime before laser overhaul >.
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Do you want to measure performance one-time? We will lend you a measuring device.

The second most important parameter in laser diagnostics is the laser beam profile. You can find out the profile with the help of special papers, which you can also order from us.

Laser power / energy measuring instruments for rent:

  • For measuring pulse energy and low powers up to 10 W (1 mJ – 2 J, 300 Hz) (connects directly to PC via USB port)
  • For measuring low powers up to 30 W (connects directly to a PC via USB port)
  • For measured medium-high powers up to 300 W (connects directly to a PC via USB port)
  • For measuring high powers up to 5000 W (connects to the Fieldmaster power meter)
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