Two ROD 300 systems for the Railway Administration

The state organisation Railway Administration has been using two Narran ROD 300 cleaning systems since 2021. The lasers serve the maintenance and repair needs of parts crucial to the operation of railway processes.

We designed and supplied two Narran ROD 300 laser cleaning systems with a power of 300W for the organisation.

Despite the fact that our company has a high number of successful orders in the field of laser plotters for cutting, engraving and marking, this is now the first delivery of laser cleaning technology for a government organization, which only confirms that the unique application has an overlap beyond the private sector and its potential is increasing.


Advantages of laser:

● Multi-purpose equipment for most conventional and specific needs.

● Low maintenance.

● Cleaned materials do not wear out even after several cleaning cycles, increasing their service life.

● Minimal need for servicing.

They say about us:
We decided to use laser technology because of its high repeatability and friendliness to the surfaces to be cleaned, both of which save money and time in the long run.

Milan Kovář - System Specialist, Railway Administration, state organization Regional Directorate Plzeň
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