Mobile laser cleaning system Narran ROD

New mobile cleaning laser ROD 1000W

New mobile cleaning laser ROD 1000W

The biggest novelty for year 2020 is our new mobile cleaning laser ROD with a power of 1000W. The laser is equipped with a special fiber resonator, which allows cleaning without damaging the surface and handles a really wide range of unwanted materials from greases and greases through varnishes, adhesives and paints to rust and oxidation on various metals (and many others).

The laser is currently our most powerful manual variant of the ROD cleaning laser (for robotic laser application a laser with a power of up to 2000W can be built), laser is a suitable choice for use both in industry (integration into production lines, robotic application) and for manual cleaning thanks an innovative scanning head and a long flexible optical fiber that guides the laser beam.

The most interesting thing about the laser is that it was completely developed and built in the Czech Republic, and the favorable price for the highest quality also corresponds to this.

Of course, we have properly tested and documented the new laser, you can see the result in the video:


Detailed information on Narran cleaning lasers can be found on our dedicated page.

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