We are experts
in laser technology

  • From information to installation
  • From desktop lasers to custom designed industrial machines
  • Repairs, maintenance, spare parts, upgrades

Laser devices

We will help you find the right device and supplier, take care of transportation and installation and give you or your employees the necessary initial training and safety advice.

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Parts & Upgrades

Get premium or economical spare parts and upgrades; we will recommend the right part for you, find a supplier and provide installation and service.

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Lightning Fast Repairs

We know faults mean loss of time and money. Call us and we will find the closest possible date: including same day, next day or weekend service.

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Additional services


Laser cleaning

Fast, thorough and eco friendly solution for facade restoration, casting mould cleaning or rust and residue removal.

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Laser cutting

Have samples or small batches produced on our cutting lasers and see them in action.

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Audits, consultations, training

We provide consultations and on-the-job training, and carry out safety audits.

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