ROD 200W for SVED company

We have delivered the Narran ROD 200W cleaning laser to SVED company based in Liberec.

The company uses the laser primarily for cleaning graffiti, various metal coatings, removing rust and oxidation and cleaning moulds for production. It also uses the laser for less conventional cleaning applications such as cleaning antiques, jewelry, gold and silver and other sensitive surfaces.


Advantages of laser:

● Highly mobile

● Minimal maintenance – almost no consumable parts

● Suitable for cleaning applications that require a high degree of gentle handling

● Low operating costs

They say about us:
“We have been using Narran’s laser for over 3 years for a wide range of applications and are happy with our purchase, the laser has exceeded our expectations in terms of cleaning efficiency and mobility. Regular service has been absolutely trouble free.”

Libor Fechtner - Operations manager, SVED
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